Bradley Extended Care

  • Bradley Extended Care is a major provider of speciality medication packaging in Middle Tennessee.

  • Bradley Extended Care offers state-of-the-art bubble pack medication card systems that improves efficiency and reduces the number of medication errors. It also permits unit dose dispensing and reduces waste since most of the unused medication may be returned to Bradley for credit.

  • Bradley also offers the OPUS medication system. It is a 14-day color-coded unit dose cartridge system that improves efficiency and reduces medication errors.

  • Bradley Extended Care currently services all of the leading assisted living facilities in Middle Tennessee.

  • The Extended Care staff has been recognized by the Assisted Living Administrators for their excellent customer service.

  • Extended Care provides medication to area hospices, behavioral group homes, area psychiatric clinics and area nursing homes.

  • Bradley offers larger facilities the MedLocker Access System that uses computerized tracking of drug dispensing and can remotely monitor the drug inventory preventing medication shortages.

  • Bradley has the latest innovative Medical Administration Review (MAR) system. This cutting edge MAR includes a picture of the resident and pictures of each medication dispensed to ensure that the right medication is being dispensed to the right resident.

  • Bradley has FacilityLink software that allows facilities and health professionals direct-remote access to their residents’ drug records. FacilityLink online will allow health care providers to send new orders, check on the status of orders that have been placed and many other time saving features.